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The basic activity of Mebu d.o.o. company is the production of fatty acid methyl-esters from plant oils also known as biodiesel. It is a renewable source of energy for which the demands in Europe and the world are increasing. The main reason is its significant effect on ecology, but it also has positive economical effects in various businesses, because of the unstable prices of mineral diesel. Over the years company Mebu has become known as a reliable manufacturer in the market for this type of fuel and established many constructive collaborations with its partners. With further investment in production capacity and equipment, our aim is to make conditions which allow more oil to be converted and thus support agricultural production of rapeseed and other oil plants in Croatia and other regions. We will also actively promote the biodiesel as an ecologically acceptable.

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About biodiesel

Fatty acid metil ester (biodiesel) is non mineral, biodegradable, non toxic fuel, which is used as a replacementi for fosil fuel (diesel) and it is created by a chemical process called transesterification. In most cases it is mixed with standard diesel in a lower ratio and the main reason is to reduce emmissions of CO2, NOx, SO2 and solid particles. It almost doesn't contain Sulfur. Because of its ecological advantages, production of biodiesel is supported everywhere in the world, but there are also lots of other positive effects of using biodiesel. The most common raw material for biodiesel production is rapeseed because of its high oil yeald, but soybean, palm and other oils can be used also. Quality of product must meet EN 14214 standard.


Advantages of biodiesel

  • Ecological acceptability, because of low emission of harmful gases in regard to standard diesel
  • Its harmless to the enviroment, because in the case of emission in ground or water it dissolves completely in a short period of time
  • It is possible to produce biodiesel from used cooking oil, or in other words recycle waist cooking oil
  • Durring the production phase where conversion from oil to biodiesel is made, also another very useful product known as glicerine is produced. It finds its purpose in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry and can be used in various thermal plants.
  • has a high lubricity, and is acceptable for diesel engines; This feature is used for mixing with fossil fuels, as improving their performances,
  • It has no limited natural resources
  • Better lubrication extends engine lifetime
  • Prices of biodiesel are more acceptable, which can be benificial for small users and those whose business is based on mineral diesel as the main energy source
  • High flash pont makes biodiesel more safer for transport
  • It supports agricultural production, not only of rapeseed but other oil plants as well. So it creates new jobs and possibilties for including subcontractors in the production and activation of uncultivated agricultural areas
  • Reduces dependence of fosil fuel and its unstable market price

How to get to us

Mebu's production facility is located in Netretić, 10 km from Karlovac. The easiest way to get to us is to travel on A1 higway (from Zagreb to Rijeka) and take the „Novigrad na Dobri“ exit. When you pass toll you have to go right in direction of Slovenia (D6), pass straight at the first crossroad and at the second turn right. After 500m you arrive at the destination.

Our mission

  • To contribute to the development and prosperity of our region.
  • To be the first choice for customers regarding product and service quality.
  • To follow principles of learning organization and behave as a responsible member of society, who pays attention that our development complies with the interests of community and environmental protection.

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